Belén Macua – Sleeping rush


That time of the day

When the light coat the whole room,

hide under the sheets

Super natural and authentic comes this analogue series Argentinian-based photographer Belén Macua has submitted.

Moreover, she wrote along her creative work:

“Humans spend a big part of their life sleeping, and when we’re not in bed, we daydream about being inside, covered with blankets. In this series that I called “Sleeping rush”, I tried to show the beauty of leaving all your worries and problems behind in order to take a nap. All photos were taken with my Nikon FM.”


Photography & Haiku: Belén Macua ☆ IG: @love_analogue

Model: Augustina Macua

Designers: Kitanas & Frabulosa

One response to “Belén Macua – Sleeping rush

  1. Me encantó la serie, esta en perfecta sintonía, la luz, el lugar, la modelo… la fotografa logro captar el alma del momento


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