Ingela Furustig x I found Lucy – I Kissed Her Cheek

This photo-series as always dreamily photographed by Ingela Furustig showcases the latest collection “I Kissed Her Cheek” of I found Lucy‘s wonderfully designed pieces. Modeled by Shirleen Beveridge who was the muse for the day.

I kissed the wind on the rough cheek. I hugged the small souls of the flowers. And I heard how they spoke in their language. I touched the soft green of the grass. I hovered in the blue wideness of the sky. And I sensed how time stood still around me. And I thought about my dreams.


Photography: Ingela Furustig ☆ IG: @ingelafurustig

Designer: I found Lucy ☆ IG: @ifoundlucy

Model: Shirleen Beveridge

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