Myles Katherine – Death on a Carousel

“This existential cemetery provokes a haunted sleep.
How can I climb into a handmade box
Without a stable foothold?
It’s only safe when every inch is covered by an unreliable religion.
The pine needles stick to my feet
As I search for an underground tunnel.
Dear brother,
The mystery was ours in the beginning.
We can find our way back to the fireplace eventually,
Listen carefully.
It is too sad to lose such life
It pains me to see the self-destruction
And necessary distraction.
How can we build the next dimension together?
My young sister,
This collection of ironic characters creates a connection
To an impermanent storyline.
We call the rest obstacles
In this disturbing presence.
Calmly nod into peaceful agreement,
For a greater force is needed to       defend our fragile days.
The evil is found only outward,
With a mindless normalcy to match my distrustful nature.
This halfway point marks the start of a story,
Though a graceful departure is swimming more closely in my shadow.

A bittersweet dreaminess showcases this special photo-series by Portland, Oregon, based photographer and fine artist Myles Katherine who submitted it along with a poem written by herself you can read above. Myles teamed up with model Ophelia Darkly and hair and make-up artist Gina Campbell and captured these sceneries with analogue cameras. An impressive visual artwork.


Photography & poem: Myles Katherine ☆ IG: @myleskatherine

Model: Ophelia Darkly ☆ IG: @opheliadarkly

HMUA: Gina Campbell ☆ IG: @thebirdbones

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