Eli Freireich – Flash Frame

“Show, don’t tell.”
This is the mantra of filmmakers all over the world who strive for cinematic clarity
and striking pathos.

Luminous and with a wonderful cinematic feel comes this analogue photo-series by filmmaker and photographer Eli Freireich from New York City.

“In my artistic endeavor to become a compelling filmmaker, I have taken a break from movie cameras and channeled my energy towards creating a narrative within a single frame. The workflow and feel of analog photography has forced artistic evolution and has ultimately become an addiction for which I refuse to seek help. In my latest series, “Flash Frame” I wanted to reproduce the tangibility and depth of classic cinematography. All photos in this submission were taken on a panoramic 35mm camera and exposed on to movie film”

– Eli


Photography: Eli Freireich ☆ IG: @space_magic_film

Model: Hannah Sommer ☆ IG: @sommerhannah

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