Laura Cherrygrove – Lunar Flower Service

This is a series about dreams and flowers that grow on space stations equally…

“It’s a little garden in an artificial world with a princess inside, she’s looking into the heavens with her golden binoculars, pondering unbroken skies of purple and lunar visions…”

With her series ‘Luna Flower Service’ Berlin-based film photographer Laura Cherrygrove has created a wonderful, visual dreamworld. And you a viewer can be part of it by scrolling down and looking at her photographs. ☆


Photography & styling: Laura Cherrygrove ☆ IG: @lauracherrygrove

Model: Nele

MUA: Victoria Reuter ☆ IG: @victoriareutermua

Wardrobe: Lenni The Label ☆ IG: @lenni_thelabel

Set design: Maxine Puorro & Danielle Magee

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