celthecat – The Heartbreaker

Happy that French photographer celthecat submitted a photo-series to Grunge’n’Art again! Céline mostly take analogue photos and Polaroids like in this wonderful series she took mainly on 35mm film. ‘The Heartbreaker’ is a series with a cinematic feel and a wonderful nostalgia; and Céline has captured powerful, different expressions of model Alba Rossi.

“I love Fashion, that’s why I like styling all my editorials. But no fashion for just fashion. I always try to tell a story.
I’m inspired by everything that goes on around me: vintage aesthetic, cinema, music, literature, true events..
My inspiration for this shoot was the torment of love which is a universal migraine/language. It’s a kind of a tragicomical adventure. This is the story of a girl experiencing sorrow because she has fallen in love with someone she wasn’t expecting. Her heart is broken. Loves makes her act irrationally.
I’ve photographed my friend Tifaine because she’s my muse, my comic hero girl.”

– Céline


Photography & styling: @celthecat

Model: Alba Rossi

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