Anthony Stone – Back to the 90s

Nostalgia, wind in hair and a light summery feeling – all that comes together in this photo-series. Shot by Italian based photographer Anthony Stone on expired 35mm film.

Along his submitted work Anthony wrote:

“My friend Sara and I spent some time together in an old abandoned disco. The atmosphere was mixed between melancholy and decay. That’s where I met my current wife in 2004, where I danced with her, drank, smoked. I hate to see that place so abandoned and destroyed, it makes me feel all the years that passed, heavy bricks on my shoulders. But fortunately I have photography with me. I asked Sara not to sit, listen to music and smoke, feel the heat of the sun on the skin, recover the memory of that magical place. I opened my Ferrania Solaris films, which expired in 2008 and I took photographs, as I did in those years, and everything has come to life in my soul, everything came back exactly as it was, everything was like it was to be.”


Photography: Anthony Stone ☆ IG: @anthonystone_

Model: Sara De Lauretis

MUA: Federica Petaccia

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