Holy Golden – Grand Camelot

I have found most of my shadows now
but still not what my curse may be
and so I walk down golden halls
on some fair islands beyond the sea
A quiet queen with soft rolled dice
to touch the light of paradise

Andrew Valenti recently took this analogue photo-series of Leslie Schott. Besides taking photographs they are both the duo of the band Holy Golden. These images were taken on Mackinac Island, an island in Lake Huron in Northern Michigan at The Grand Hotel on expired 35mm film on a Pentax K1000 camera. – A wonderful nostalgia, melancholic and dreamy at the same time. ☆


Photography: Andrew Valenti ☆ IG: @thespacecrusader

Model & poem: Leslie Schott ☆ IG: @holygoldenmusic

Wardrobe: Vintage, model’s own and some from fashion house Maison DNA

Leslie & Andrew are the duo of the band Holy Golden ☆ IG: @holygoldenmusic  and this is their latest music video:

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