Mimi Nguyen – Pastel Day Dreamz

‘Pastel Day Dreamz’ by photographer Mimi Nguyen in collaboration with stylist Meggie Copeland who also modeled in this series is bright, summery and light-hearted – appearing set of photographs.

“On this day, the clouds were in the middle of feeling rather dreary and bleak. Meggie and I decided to paint the morning with vibrant colors and daydream conversations. While shooting, we talked about what ignited our inspiration and drive to create. Additionally, It was our first time collaborating on this very unique project together. We mutually agreed that when an artist is kind as a person, the universe will unanimously give back to you. There’s a saying that “every cloud has a silver lining.” However, we are safe to say that our very own silver lining exists in form of a bright, young woman with pink hair and high-waisted shorts.”



Photography: Mimi Nguyen ☆ IG: @mimi.win

Model & styling: Meggie Copeland ☆ IG: @m.c._styles

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