Quatookit x Q’ayyim Mckoy – Scissors

The photo collection gives an exclusive look at characters, Salomea and Lale, a young couple who’s not afraid of openly expressing their love for one another.

Writer and creative director Q’ayyim Mckoy and photographer Quatookit collaborated in this photo-project called ‘Scissors’. In this post awaits you a selection of their photo-collection which is an adaptation of Q’ayyim’s most recent comic, he released back in February.

All photographs appear wonderfully authentic and thoughtful and were modeled by Inida Jenee and Ericka Raelle.


Photography: Quatookit ☆ IG: @quatookit

Writer & creative director: Q’ayyim Mckoy ☆ IG: @qmckoy

Models: Inida Jenee & Ericka Raelle

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