Laura Kovanska – Elysian Sisters

Laura Kovanska‘s latest photo-series where she collaborated with her friend Ivanka – designer of her clothing brand Elysian Sisters – is fresh, happy and light-hearted like a summer breeze. Red and blue and white and the golden light of the sun inclusive. Beautifully modeled by Milka and Marina and with a colourful, eye-catching MUA by Ivon Konecna.

About her collection Ivanka wrote:

“Elysian Sisters’ ‘summer love’ collection was inspired by ‘love is beginning’. The best part of love is the moment it starts. The part when you realize what’s happening, how you’re feeling and what it really, truly means for your life. The same for Elysian Sisters launch – love the moment it starts. These clothing will give you all the feelings that we need for somebody, sister or friend to share awesome summer times.”


Photography: Laura Kovanska ☆ IG: @laurakovanska

Models: Milka & Marina @ Balint Nemes Model Management

HMUA: Ivon Konecna ☆ IG:

Wardrobe: Ivanka of Elysian Sisters ☆ IG: @elysiansisters_official

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