Mood Merchant – New Americana

This analogue set of photographs of model Madeleine Heaven by Edmonton based film and Polaroid photographer Mood Merchant showcases such a wonderful contrast of coolness and nostalgia. Just scroll down and enjoy!

“I’ve been shooting film for about 2 years now, but this one my first series shot entirely on Instax Wide Polaroids. This was shot on location in the High Park/Bloor/Dundas neighbourhood in Toronto, one of the most architecturally gorgeous and culturally diverse areas of the city. I had originally planned this shoot to be inspired by ‘Echoes of Silence’ by The Weeknd, but as we shot throughout the day we steered away from main inspiration and as a result, I couldn’t have been happier! If anything, this shoot is a testament to the phrase ‘Go with the flow’, because you’ll never know what the end product will be!​”

Mood Merchant


Photography: Mood Merchant ☆ IG: @moodmerchant

Model: Madeleine Heaven

Editing/Post-Production: Bradley James

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