Jarek Kasprowiak – 1979

I was inspired by films from the 70’s and 80’s and the Disco culture that evolved. Now we come back to this culture and we remember the movies which I like very much because it is a great inspiration for pictures.

Portrait and fashion photographer Jarek Kasprowiak sent this beautiful, summery and light-hearted – appearing photo-series. This set was entirely shot on classic Polaroids (from Impossible) which underlines the great nostalgic feel that comes out in every photo.


Photography: Jarek Kasprowiak β˜† IG: @jarek.kasprowiak

Models: Sylwia Przybyla, Diana Krupa & Karolina Sawka

HMUA: Sylwia Przybyla

Rollover for sessions from KoloWrotki Lodz

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