Paula Thompson – Our Shiny Day

Carli Bizuard who modeled in this shiny, sparkling set of analogue photographs taken by her friend Paula Thompson submitted this series and also wrote along to it:

“We took this analogue series in a beautiful and large place called The Republic of Children in La Plata, Argentina. It is a huge park with many magical places.
We spent all day in this park, touring the castles and drinking a lot of water because the sun was very strong. We listened to music, smoke cigarettes and on the long journey to the way back home, somehow, we realized that our friendship became something absolutely natural. Together we defeated the long summer day, the insects and the hours far from home.
In the past I moved to a city and was very far away from Paula. The last time we saw each other she said she was bored and not so inspired by the hard work of making sessions and now prefers casual photographs. She took some pictures of me but I didn’t know if we make another session like this. I support her in every step she make but at least in my portfolio being a model I have this photographs of her talented eye.”


Photography: Paula Thomspson β˜† IG: @thxompson

Model: Carli Bizuard β˜† IG: @el_efectodoppler

Dresses: Enagua

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