Olivia North – Late Blooms

Surrounded by nature, sun-drenched, colourful photographs, some black and white ones including double exposures and an overall wonderfully contrasting look – all that are some associations I had in mind when receiving this analogue photo-set by Olivia North.

Along her submission she wrote:

“As a photographer and director, I usually do a lot of nude work, exploring sensuality and sexuality. For this shoot however, I was inspired by the delicate balance my muse has between elegance and edginess. Xain is 18 years old and intelligent far beyond her years, so she exudes both youth and maturity at the same time. I chose to photograph her at the rose gardens, but somehow the roses weren’t in bloom, even in the Spring. We were disappointed at first, but it added even more to the grunginess of her aesthetic, and inserted a new strangeness into the regalness of the reds. This editorial is titled “Late Blooms” in honor of the seasons that deftly defy us and the constant feeling of blooming into adulthood.”


Photography: Olivia North ☆ IG: @olivianorthstar

Model: Xain Angeline ☆ IG: @xxiixain

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