Linda Kerstein – Eins

The photo series is something that developed from another project I was working on for school which was supposed to be about fusion. I drifted a bit away from that idea and produced photos that rather just show the warmth and closeness between two people.

Linda Kerstein is a young photographer from Berlin. Along her submitted work she wrote us, “subjects in my work are amongst other things alienation, gender, friends and youth culture as well as environmental issues”.

This photo-series called ‘Eins’ (which means ‘One’ in English) is a wonderfully created idea. – An endlessly appearing surrounding in the background which gives a feel of infinity; and a primarily concentration to capture emotions of the models Sulin & Silaw. All on classical 35mm film.


Photography, MUA & styling: Linda Kerstein β˜† IG: @electric.bloom

Models: Sulin & Silaw


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