Elea Kuptz – Stay Weird

Colourful, cheeky, grungy and eye-catching – all that is this photo-set by Berlin-based photographer Elea Kuptz. Featuring designed pieces by Tessa Holbrook of IV Berlin.

Tessa also wrote along this series:

“The alternative scene here in Berlin is overrun by excessive drug use and a tendency to wear all black all the time. If your black socks don’t match your black shoes don’t match your black jeans, you just aren’t edgy enough. Fuck that. Fuck trying to look perfect all the time and fuck saying wearing only black makes you edgy. Perfect is boring.

We wanted to make pictures and clothing inspired by a messed up version of our childhood dreams- the clothes we wish we could have worn when we were 7, just a bit sluttier.

A little bit of dirt, a lot of glitter, and so much love went into this photo-shoot – reminding people to be freaky, be weird, be anything but the norm. It’s so much more fun that way.”


Photography: Elea Kuptz ☆ IG: @elea.k.photography

Models: Susi Schneewind & Tessa Holbrook

Wardrobe: IV Berlin

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