Gabrielle Barrera – Growing Pains

Hurting hearts and marks on your legs and endless searching for things you won’t find and wilting like lilacs in the summer and this is it, this is all there is. There is growing and blooming and falling and doing it all over again.

My series “Growing Pains” looks at ever changing youth, all of its changing and evolving and haze and confusion.

Colourful and black and white photographs, collages and surreal-looking double exposures, flowers and the endless sky as surroundings – all that awaits you in this beautifully created photo-set by young photographer Gabrielle Barrera.


Photography: Gabrielle Barrera ☆ IG: @gabrielle.barrera

Models: Mia LaComarre, Dani Koehler, Mallory Henman, Allison Larivey, Hana Mendel

One response to “Gabrielle Barrera – Growing Pains

  1. Beautiful homage to youth!
    I love the collection – especially the photos with double exposure – great execution!


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