Belén Banega – Sabrina

It’s like that this whole photo-series by Belén Banega from Buenos Aires, Argentina, is dived in a magical- and surreal-looking haze of pastel colours. Bright and shining accents give this whole set a special atmosphere.

“The primal idea was to evoke an ethereal and fantastic atmosphere mixed with this 90s alternative fashion clothes. It’s one of my aims to work with a romantic style and to give it a twist in any way. I also love portraits and working with nature, so this shoot was really fun, and we are all totally in love with the results. For the retouch I inspired in Hole’s Pretty On the Inside shoot and it’s pink & vintage images.”



Photography: Belén Banega ☆ IG: @belenbanegaphFacebook

Model: Sabrina Cordero of SOF Models

HMUA: Flor Herrera

Styling: Leo Felker

Wardrobe: Zo, Edith Louise, Sinestesia, Sanso, Soifer, Hot and Blessed, Diana Soli, for ROOMIE

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