Gabriel Cho x Sunyoung Park – GANGYOUNG

Sunyoung Park from Seoul is the founder and designer of her brand called Gangyoung.

For her recent project she teamed up with photographer Gabriel Cho and the models Gaun & Gaell Seo and they created this vivid, cheeky photo-set.

Also Sunyoung wrote:

“GANGYOUNG is fashion brand for the ‘girls’ on street. We noticed that almost every street brands designs their clothes based on mens subculture and focus on mens lifestyle. So we try to make clothes focused on girls and girls’ needs. ‘Gangyoung’ also could be a word meaning girl playing on various subculture scenes, having mood and identities and also still pursuing women’s own beauty. We support them to make women’s own subculture scenes someday!

This editorial contains SHOPGANGYOUNG’s main values and tries to show the lifestyle of Gangyoungs in Seoul.”


Photography: Gabriel Cho ☆ IG: @ch.gabriel

Designer: Sunyoung Park ☆ IG: @wegangyoung

Models: Gaun & Gaell Seo

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