Between Two Worlds

A thought that there’s something wrong with this world confuses you. You don’t exactly know what it is. You only suspect it.

And sometime this thought becomes a part of you and you see everything with different eyes. You see how confused the ways of this world are, you see that everything around you is programmed. Programmed for the same progresses that you view as senseless and in which you don’t want to take part.

And if you don’t follow the rules of the others then you are out of this programme-world. You see many things clearer and you don’t want to go back anymore.

And you search for a backdoor that brings you to another world that is free of senseless rules, prejudices and monotonous progresses. And you know exactly that there exists an escape.

You just don’t know how long you have to search for it. And by then you stay caged between two worlds.


Photography: Nalie ☆ IG: @dream.dimension & @grunge.dimension

Models: Laura, Lia & Lina

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