Ellie Connor-Phillips – Mona in the marshes + Youth temporarily forever

Ellie Connor-Phillips is a 19 years old artist based in London, UK. Her photographs she takes on 35mm film are very authentic, without letting pose the people (friends she photographs) with the result that all her photos appear wonderfully natural.

She recently did a little analogue shoot with Mona which she describes as “this sort of thing, a sweet afternoon spent picnicking and exploring hackney marshes”.

Also Ellie sent some other 35mm film photos she took of her friends and herself (to visually document youth) that you can see in this post as well.

‘Mona in the marshes’

‘Youth temporarily forever’


Photography: Ellie Connor-Phillips β˜† IG: @elliecp_

Models: Mona Cordes, Ellie Connor-Phillips, Alexi Hunt, Alan Goodman, Stevie Hope, Anna Mikhailova, Sam Stone, Stanley Westbrook, Maya Levy, some art in the photos by Shane Simpson & Sukey Willis and the room of Georgia Fay

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