Xiaoyang Jin x Ophelia Kwon – Hoarding Nostalgia

Like a little, beautiful fairy tale comes this photo-series shot by Xiaoyang Jin showcasing the extravagant, with much love for detail, designed clothes by Ophelia Kwon. Sparkling effects give these photographs an appearance as if they were dived into stardust. ☆

“It’s based on nostalgia and the act hoarding. My happiest days were in the 90’s when I was raised by my grandmother. A habitual hoarder, she collected all kinds of one-of-a-kind, miscellaneous stuff. Sometimes preciously displayed and sometimes stored underneath dust, she never let them go. Inspired by her eccentric personality and the time we had together, my thesis is about holding on to memories. Hence the name Hoarding Nostalgia, when jumble of things meet with child-like whimsy and a tingling sense of melancholy. Not only does time give rose tinted filters to memories, time also elevates certain objects. Most of the materials used in this collection are sourced from my grandma’s attic. individual stories and memories embedded within the garments is what makes my collection a homage to time. Slowly but inevitably, time heals and celebrates. Slowly but inevitably, I grow into an adult- but I am never letting go of my inner child.”



Photography: Xiaoyang Jin ☆ IG: @xiaoyangjin

Designer: Ophelia Kwon

Models: Erin Taylor & Anya Yurkova

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