Mario Di Mowdjo – We met in Paris

This editorial by Paris-based photographer Mario Di Mowdjo showcases a beautiful calmness with a slight melancholic touch.

The story:

“We met in Paris; You came from Berlin or Frankfort …

With your Large Built you came to make the Fashion Week.

It took me a look to know that I wanted you.

I helped you; We were locked up for weeks in this room …

I did not know ย you like me too …

For me we were friends …

You told me you wanted more …

You want kiss me; I do not know why but I did not trust you …

I let you go home … We do not see any more

I do not regret.

I feel free”


Photography: Mario Di Mowdjo IG: @mariodimowdjo

D. A.: Oswald Cรดme

Models: Belishi & Julien Labrien Sherman

MUA: Chad Monroe

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