Mona Cordes – A sunny day by the canal

This analogue photo-series Mona Cordes took in collaboration with Italian hat designer Marcella Dvsi in Hackney Wick, London, surprises with some sublime ideas. The backgrounds are grey and grungy which gives a great contrast to the extravagant style of models Alessia and Halina. A beautiful blueish tone in these photos gives the whole series something magical, something fascinating.


Photography: Mona Cordes ☆ IG: @princess_moona & @mona_cordes_photos

Styling (with Mona’s assistance): Alejandra Perez

MUA: Alexia Caranto

Models: Alessia & Halina

Collaboration with Marcella Dvsi (Italian hat designer) ☆ IG: @marcelladvsi

Halina’s outfits:
red sleeveless jacket RE:SO; jumper Topshop; trousers Topshop; shoes Doc Martens; top Motel Rocks; dress Urban Outfitters

Alessia’s outfits:
leather jacket RE:SO; dress Zara; mesh top Urban Outfitters; jacket New look but patches added by me; top Vintage Tommy Hilfiger; trousers RE:SO

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