Elena Sokolova – Photosynthesis

This editorial by fashion photographer Elena Sokolova from Moscow, Russia, showcases a beautiful romantic photography with exceptional garments taken in front of a grungy background. Really impressive, authentic and inspiring.

“The inspiration of the story is taken from a little green sprout which is making his way towards sun through concrete. Fragile and strong at the same time life wins over all obstacles.

We shot the story in quite difficult and uncomfortable place – an apartment in the initial phase of reconstruction. So we literally have breathed so much of dust! :)”


dress Orla Kiely; shirt Oxana Abramova

top Oxana Abramova; sleeves Oxana Abramova; skirt Itallika (vintage)

dress New Look; dress Oxana Abramova; socks Calzedonia

body Zara; blouse Berskha; pants Oxana Abramova; socks Calzedonia

top Sisley; jacket Itallika (vintage item); panties Calzedonia

top Zara; pants Oxana Abramova; socks Calzedonia

dress Orla Kiely

body Zara; skirt Oxana Abramova; top Forfun; socks Calzedonia


Photography & art direction: Elena Sokolova ☆ IG: @es.toria

Model: Katya Dyurr

HMUA: Alyona Hakimova ☆ IG: @alyona_hakimova

Stylists: Oxana Abramova & Elena Sokolova

Location: Moscow, Russia


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