This was a spontaneous photo-shoot I did of Maria on sunny, spring-like day two weeks ago. All photos were taken on 35mm film (revolog kolor) and on Polaroid.

I asked Maria if she could write a little something about what she does:

“Hey Readers and Followers of Grungeandart Magazine!
Not long ago those pretty colorful looking pictures where shot, and I was really happy to be part of them!
If you wonder what I do and who I am; my name is Maria and I am the front singer of the Band Whoever Thou Art.
Our genre could be referred to alternative-rock, but you could also take a look at our Facebook Page to make your own image.
 I am also running a fashion focused YouTube channel called ItsPandaCore, which also has grunge fashion influences.

I hope you like the pictures just as much as I do, 
Have  great Day!”



Photography: Nalie ☆ IG: @dream.dimension & @grunge.dimension

Model: Maria ☆ IG: @misa_pandagram & @misa.pandaart / singer at Whoever Thou Art

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