I am as I am

Everyone has a vision, a certain imagination, a wish.

Everyone has tried to realize this wish. At least in their own thoughts.

Everyone has been confronted with difficulties until this wish comes true. Or maybe this wish didn’t come true in the end.

Have you ever thought about what has kept you away from your destination?

Maybe you were too engaged with everyday life?

Maybe you have lived monotonously according o the rules of others?

Maybe you have forgotten who you are or your wish was easily stolen.

But if you view deeply inwards you will find a secret place where you have preserved your vision.  A place where you shouldn’t someone else go.

Release your imagination and come back to your reality. Otherwise it could be that you aren’t living in your own dream but in the dream of another.

Or perhaps someone is supposed to remind you of that.


Photography (all photos on 35mm revolog kolor film): Nalie ☆ IG: @dream.dimension & @grunge.dimension

Model: Avanya ☆ IG: @avanya

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