Adriana Corbet – Lines & Grids

The following submission is one of my latest works I did in the old town of Rio Piedras to highlight vivid colors, patterns and urban vibes with one of my muses Rut García Alveri.

Adriana Corbet is an aspiring photographer from the island of Puerto Rico. Her series she took of model Rut García Alverio appears dope and beautifully light-hearted.

“I am currently going through my second year of college where I am studying for a bachelors degree in photography. Ever since I was in middle school I developed a passion for the arts including dancing, drawing and painting, but by high school I knew what truly called to me and that was photography. In my work I try to focus on and capture colors, patterns and contrast. Up to now my muses have been some of my closest friends who are always there for me and I find to be my biggest inspiration. Also what I want to achieve with my work is show the natural beauty each and everyone of them has. For this I prefer to work with natural lighting to give off natural vibes.”

– Adriana


Photography: Adriana Corbet ☆ IG: @fl0rdeluuna

Model: Rut García Alverio


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