Julieta Duchovny – Precious

Buenos Aires – based photographer Julieta Duchovny submitted to us this wonderfully natural-looking set of black and white portraits of model Lola. Without any posing and distractions of certain effects or colours her editorial gives the viewer the possibility to concentrate on the expression and feeling this series conveys.

Moreover, Julieta wrote this important message along to her series:

“The idea behind these photos is to portray women in a way in which their preciousness doesn’t exude from how beautiful or not they look. Traditional media has recently started to “go with the flow” of feminism, but in doing so, they try to teach women how to love themselves based on their looks: “love the skin you’re in”, “embrace your looks”, etc. Now I am not saying this is not a positive message, however, whenever I read these titles I can’t help but feel like it’s still not good enough because no one is telling us that it’s perfectly valid to feel ugly or that our self worth should not be based on how pretty we think we are, no one is telling us to love ourselves for our minds or encouraging us to pursue our dreams. This is why over the course of this year I will be asking my friends to let me photograph them in their natural habitat, relaxed and enjoying themselves, so that I can capture how precious I believe they are and how that is completely unrelated to how “beautiful” they look.”


Photography: Julieta Duchovny ☆ IG: @julietaportfolioFacebook

Model: Lola ☆ IG: @lola.lister

Thank you!

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