David Collier – Girls out west, we ain’t got no beach


As always the photographs by David Collier are extremely vivid and appear like snapshots capturing the moment without thinking too much about the result. This series is superb summery, showcases a cheerful atmosphere and was shot on 35mm film, Polaroid and there are some digital pictures as well.

“With the hottest summer on record with temperatures consistently over 35 degrees, our cast who live way too far from any ocean or beach decide to have their own backyard pool party. It starts off with Georgia and Bella just hanging at home and decide to call Chayde to see if she wants to meet up at the local store and grab a few snacks and drinks and head over to their backyard for some summer fun. They decide to blow up the tiny pool to cool off and of course in a very Aussie way and also have some fun with the garden hose. To me it shows a quintessential Aussie summer and as you can see our girls do have some fun.

I have worked with all 3 of my models before and knew they would be up for this and are all super down to earth and all look great on camera as the images show.”


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Photography: David Collier ☆ IG: @davidcollier

HMUA: Lauren Sina Hoddinott ☆ IG: @lauren_sina

Props & Styling: Stephanie Hayball

Assistant: Natalie Robinson

Models: Chayde Nettle, Georgia Coe & Bella Donovan

Wardrobe: Electric West, Volley AU & American Sox


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