Amy Sullivan – Isolated Dream


‘Isolated Dream’ – I love this title but much more I really love the photos of this series Amy Sullivan from New Zealand has submitted. Amy sent a mix of classical 35mm film photos, some Instax Polaroid shots and some digital ones. Her series shines in a wonderful, slightly cold pastel tone and were authentically, and without any posing, modeled by Josie Moon and Laird Morris.

“This photo series was inspired by relationships, the dreamy isolation that can come with romance; day dreams, sometimes frustration and but ultimately the world is a beautiful shade of rose. I find colour very important in photographs, as it sets the entire mood of an image before any of the finer details are processed, it makes sure the artistโ€™s message is understood.”


c003187-r1-20-2-kopie isolated-dream_-7-kopie c003187-r1-06-16 dreamy-instant-kopie isolated-dream_-1 c003187-r1-08-14-kopie isolated-dream_-2 isolated-dream_-3 dreamy-instant-03 dreamy-instant-02-kopie


Photography: Amy Sullivan โ˜† IG: @amyysulls

Models: Josie Moon & Laird Morris

Thank you! โ˜†

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