Jessica Robles – Stand By Me


A sensible and beautifully sentimental editorial by Los Angeles based photographer Jessica Robles. The wideness of nature in the background, a gentle wind in hair, a vintage-like look designed and styled by Anh Tran, Jessica took these raw, unedited photos on 35mm film of models Ariel and Chloe.

If someone stands by you, you have entire luck.

And if it stays like this forever then it is something what inspires and empowers you. And you have nothing to fear anymore and you feel a power in you. – A dual power.

You feel like a winner.

But unfortunately it is really seldom to find something like this. And if you meet a related soul nevertheless then don’t lose it because who knows if you will find someone like this ever again.

2017-02-27-at-4-38-04-pm 2017-02-27-at-4-38-57-pm-kopie 2017-02-27-at-4-38-41-pm 2017-02-27-at-4-38-12-pm-kopie 2017-02-27-at-4-38-33-pm 2017-02-27-at-4-39-03-pm 2017-02-27-at-4-38-49-pm 2017-02-27-at-4-39-17-pm


Photography: Jessica Robles ☆ IG: @jrphotola (analogue) & @shoots_with_jessica (digital)

Models: Ariel Thompson & Chloe Farnsworth

MUA: Kelli Shawn Gonzales

Stylist/ Designer: Anh Tran ☆ IG: @aianhth

MUA Assistant: Brittany Oros


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