Valeria Schettino x Roberta Marino – The Virgin Suicides


A wonderful and dramatic magic appears in that angelic, analogue photo-series by Italian photographers Valeria Schettino and Roberta Marino.

Along with their beautiful work Valeria and Roberta sent the concept of their shoot:

“It is the 70s, In the middle class district of an American city, which is trying to leave the old strictly religious culture, to enter into modernity. The Lisbon sisters, with their beauty, shock the lives of everyone; they are blondes, pale and fascinating. The youngest sister’s suicide, in fact, breaks the balance. Despite of that tragic event the sisters go back to school almost more beautiful and glowing than before but the youngest suicide has already spread the seed of evil and her sisters’ destiny is now scarred. That is what our photographs want to tell: innocence, angelic beauty and then anxiety and the abandonment of frivolousness. A mysterious and terrible adolescence, enlightened by a golden light that becomes darker and darker. The photographs are a tribute to all of that and to fascinating Sofia Coppola’s film, in our search for nuances, tones, clothes and perfect faces to better express it.”

01-kopie 07-kopie 04-kopie 08 02 05-kopie 06  03-kopie09-kopie


Photography: Valeria Schettino ☆ IG: @valeria.schettino & Roberta Marino ☆ IG: @brilllu

Models: Carolina Luise, Viktoriya Tori & Francesca Di Lillo

Styling: Mirta Robiony ☆ IG: @mirta_rbn

MUA: Annalisa Palmentieri ☆ IG: @lisap.mua

Thank you!

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