Mandy Martinez – Doll House


Walking through a small neighborhood, we discovered a row of houses painted in pretty pastel colors. It was like stepping into a movie set. Or a Wes Anderson film. Armed in boots and fishnet stockings, Fiona and I continued to stroll around and let the bright colored streets speak on their own.

Manila, Philippines, based freelance photographer Mandy Martinez recently had a little photo-series with one of her friends. The dreamy pastel coloured surrounding builds a beautiful contrast to the grungy look of model Fiona. Mandy’s photo-series appears pretty vivid and dynamic, natural and authentic.

img_6088 img_6106 img_6102img_6098 img_6082 img_6104


Photography: Mandy Martinez ☆ IG: @mandy.martinez

Model: Fiona Bishop ☆ IG: @fiona.bishop


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