Rhiannon Purves – Dreaming of you


Rhiannon Purves always captures a wonderful scenery and atmosphere in her analogue photographs. Do you still remember her three other editorials, ‘Flowerchild’, ‘Virgin Suicides’ and ‘Sleeping Beauty’ she submitted? You will love ‘Dreaming of you’ as well as it is dreamy indeed and also sensible, romantic and beautifully sentimental.

Sometimes you can’t differentiate a dream from reality.

And the returning from the dream is difficult.

Reality seems monotonous and boring and too common for you.

Your feeling isn’t wrong because that’s what it is.

Therefore stay in your dreams and don’t return.

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Photography: Rhiannon Purves ☆ IG: @rhiarhiarhi

Model: Faye Nielsen

MUA: Elise MacMillan

Thanks! ☆

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