Valeria Trasatti – Martincity Loca


This is a story of a girl who lives in Martincity Loca, I show you how she lives into the mad.

Looking at this expressive and shining photo-series by Italian photographer Valeria Trasatti just makes a good mood. (‘Martincity Loca’ is a surname of Valeria’s city.) This whole series comes with a vivid and cheeky presence of model Rada Ghedea, a beautifully dope style with pieces by fashion designer Marianne Cancrini and has glittering and eye-catching accents created by the make-up by Luselis Chavez.

phactorylab phactorylab8-kopie phactorylab2 phactorylab10 phactorylab5 phactorylab3 phactorylab12 phactorylab11-kopie phactorylab7-kopie phactorylab6-kopie


Photography: Valeria Trasatti ☆ IG: @valeriaveba & @valeriatrasattiphotography

Fashion Designer: Marianne Cancrini ☆ IG: @cancrini_marianne of @phactory__lab

MUA: Luselis Chavez

Model: Rada Ghedea

Assistant: Antonio Felicioni


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