Merra Marie – Laguna


“Remember when you were 6 years old and you danced and sang happily to Britney songs? In “Lucky” she sings “If there’s nothing missing in my life, then why do these tears come at night?”. Now we are not longer 6 years old, and this song gets too real, especially when you’re alone at night and your younger self feels like a distant you.”

Merra Marie from Argentina submitted this analog and atmospheric photo-series which came out wonderfully authentic – like as model Eliana didn’t notice that Merra has photographed her while she was lost in thoughts in her room. Also at the end of this post awaits you a little video by Merra. ☆

23 27 28 29 31-kopie


Photography, video & first text: Merra Marie ☆ IG: @zvldlz

Model: Eliana

Thank you!

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