Nadha Jhones – I just want to keep light-painted memories


Surrounded by the wideness of nature and with a light-hearted and wonderfully nostalgic atmosphere comes this analogue photo-series by Nadha Jhones who also sent this beautiful writing:

“Someday I’ll find a way to write about the lights of this city and its trash. I hope to tell about my friends and their skateboards, about the party nights listening to songs that I never understood but that made us dance and hug strangers as if we were brothers even if the morning after I couldn’t remember their names. Each street downtown makes me remember someone who’s now part of a song, the city’s filled with promises that were never kept. Someday I’ll write about my young friends and how some nights they were heroes. For now I just want to keep light-painted memories.”

photo21_17a-kopie photo07_3a photo40_36a photo25_21a photo17_13a photo23_23 photo32_32 photo37_37-kopie


Photography & text: Nadha Jhones ☆ IG: @nadha_n

Model: Fer Tsumugi

Translation: Claudio Cortés


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