James de Leon – Bleeker Street


It’s always a visual pleasure receiving analogue photo-stories from James de Leon, artist based in New York City. For this glowing and impressive series he photographed beautiful Ana Corbi and sent it along with a little essay:

“The neon bars pulsated like arteries flowing of footsteps and fragments of temporary fiction. New York subway stations can appear cinematic: black bars framing a horizontal panorama, the dirty white tiles forming gridlines behind passing figures. A robotic lineup of fleeing strangers glide across your personal screen.

Ana is a true purveyor of her craft. She’s an actor. Focused, solitary and serene. She sees only what she wants to see. But I don’t know what that is. 

I sometimes think we move in our own isolated plays of scripted designs, small stages self-directed, other times shaped by unknown writers foreign and sublime. 

This encompassing network from afar can appear insectoid. We don’t notice the locusts individually because it’s a swarm.  Have you ever seen fireflies glowing luminously in the night? Maybe we were fireflies. Blinking in and out of existence abuzz in a final dance. But who’s to say what we really are and aren’t?  Sometimes, most times, you just need to keep walking.”

ana-2-of-13-kopie ana-3-of-13-kopie ana-4-of-13-kopie ana-5-of-13 ana-6-of-13-kopie ana-7-of-13 ana-8-of-13-kopie ana-9-of-13-kopie ana-10-of-13 ana-11-of-13-kopie ana-12-of-13 ana-13-of-13


Photography: James de Leon ☆ IG: @deleonia

Model: Ana Corbi ☆ IG: @anagcorbi

Thank you!

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