Jahre Criste – Lorn


This was shot digitally last month with my friend Bei on the urban side of Manila and it was all unplanned. Usually, I like it spontaneous to avoid it being staged or scripted and also, I want to capture the raw expression of my model’s face.

Jahre Criste is a 21 years old photographer and is currently living in Manila, Philippines. He does both digital and analog photography and submitted to us his latest set entitled ‘Lorn’ which is a beautiful mixture of black and white and shiny colourful photographs.

5-1-of-1 4-1-of-1-kopie 2-1-of-1 6-1-of-1 9-1-of-1 7-1-of-1 10-1-of-1-kopie 1-1-of-1-kopie


Photography: Jahre Criste ā˜† IG: @moncriste

Model: Bei Aclan

Thanks! ā˜†

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