Laura Cherrygrove x Lia K. – Fine Time & A Cigarette


A dreamy mess – or a messy dream – call it as you like.

Flowers, fairy lights, strawberries, sparkle, velvet, cigarettes, …

A visual mixture of styles and eras with plenty of exaggeration and extravagance.

Welcome to this space of contrasts.

– Created by Laura Cherrygrove and me when we did a little, creative collaboration some days ago and took this analogue series of Céline and Yasmin. Our self-conceptualized and self-arranged set is sadly already removed but everyone of us took two rolls of film with her camera and captured these sceneries forever.

Just take your time while scrolling down and watching this series; there are many details to explore.

img084-kopie img052-kopie cj48 img029-kopie cj14cj16-kopie cj22-kopie img068-kopie cj3-kopieimg018-kopie cj35-kopie cj42-kopie img063-kopie img036-kopie cj34-kopie img043-kopie cy1-kopie cj26 cj40-kopie img033-kopie img032-kopie cj_double-scan7-kopie


Photography: Laura Cherrygrove ☆ IG: @lauracherrygrove & Lia K. ☆ IG: @la.lia

Models: Céline Bechler & Yasmin Baker

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