Evelyn Magri – Colorful Nights


This editorial by Evelyn Magri, who is a fashion photographer based in Rome and Finland, is colorful, vivid and comes with a beautifully captured cheekiness of model Nazli Afshar.

Colorful nights, colorful dreams.

Do you sleep or do you stay awake? – It doesn’t matter.

All what you are seeing at this moment only happens in your head.

All what you have already experienced only exists in your mind.


jacket Adidas; T-shirt H&M; shorts vintage; socks American Apparel

img_9858-kopie img_9841

T-shirt H&M; skirt Gas

img_9894 img_9847-kopie img_9884-kopie

hat Adidas; T-shirt H&M; shorts Asos; boots Zara


jacket (H&M with handmade skull); skirt Topshop; T-shirt Levis

img_9983 img_9852-kopie


Photography: Evelyn Magri ☆ IG: @evemagri

Model: Nazli Afshar ☆ IG: @nazliafsharkh


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