Samantha Bales – Afternoon Sun


‘Afternoon Sun’ is a beautiful, dreamy photo-series by Samantha Bales who is a photographer from Houston, TX and shoots exclusively on film. She also develops her own black and white film, which gives her total control over the entire process from shooting to what she is sending.

Moreover, Samantha wrote along her photo-story:

“This shoot was done with my model and friend Blair Truesdell who is also a photographer. It was exciting to collaborate with such a talented photographer and have her on the opposite end of the lens. Working with Blair was a very relaxed experience that unfolded naturally. We were able to creatively fuse together two different styles and approaches to tell one cohesive story.”

blair11-kopie blair10 blair03 blair08 blair07 blair06 blair02 blair01 blair12-kopie


Photography: Samantha Bales ☆ IG: @sam.bales

Model: Blair Truesdell ☆ IG: @blair.truesdell


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