Kelli McGuire – Giavanna


The film-photographs by artist Kelli McGuire from New Jersey are a visual pleasure. Her photos are dived in Eye-catching and dreamy colours and showcase artistically captured, impressive scenes. For this photo-series filled with a wonderful and heartbreaking dramatic she took authentic shots of beautiful New Jersey-based actress and filmmaker Giavanna Gustino. Just scroll down and be impressed by this cinematic-looking photo-story.

image12-kopie image7 image8 image9 image5 image10 image6 image19-kopie image14-kopie image13 image1 image18 image17-kopie image2-kopie image4-kopie


Photography: Kelli McGuire ☆ IG: @creepykelli

Model: Giavanna Gustino ☆ IG: @giavannagustino

Thank you!

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