Chih Han Yang X Alex S. Yu – Simulacrum


Regular contributor Chih Han Yang takes stunning photographs. Again she worked together with designer Alex S. Yu and shot this wonderful, eye-catching series that represents the idea of a simulacrum in an artistic way.

Some day you recognize that you just represent a simulacrum of yourself just to do someone a favour.

Some day you recognize that you basically can’t stand this picture of you anymore.

Some day you also can’t stand yourself and this world anymore.

The answer is simple: Just be yourself!

6-kopie 2-kopie 9 4 116-kopie 13 10 14-kopie 12-kopie 15


Photography: Chih Han Yang ☆ IG: @chihhanyangFacebook

Model: Hannie ☆ IG: @hannie.l

Designer: Alex S. Yu ☆ IG: @alex.s.yu

MUA: Claudia W. ☆ IG: @claudia__.w

Thank you!

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