Nancy Esposito – Girls Girls Girls


Nancy Esposito is a photography and cinema student from Italy. She submitted this great and dope-looking series of some of her friends which brings back a nostalgic atmosphere.

Also Nancy wrote:

“I love my best friends and I have this project called “girls girls girls” (so trivial ahah) it is simply to express what I have in my mind, girls, my friends inspire me.
I usually tend to bring my camera with me, I take photos of underground gigs, bands of friends and local bands. When there are events, parties and sleepovers.. I’m always shooting my best friends.
I consider myself as the savior of bad selfies of all my friends. I’ve said many times “friends”, but what makes me alive and keeps me alive is the combo of photography + music.”

tumblr_ocmnedjsua1vbwp33o1_1280-kopie img_8291 img_8213 tumblr_ob31je4jyj1vbwp33o1_1280-kopie tumblr_ocmnba39ej1vbwp33o1_1280-kopie


Photography: Nancy Esposito β˜† IG: @chiiroptera

Models: Alessia D., Ale & Carla

Thanks! β˜†

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