Ambo Creative – Beyond the Valley of the Dolls


The inspiration for this shoot came from the feminine mystique of the witch and the film Valley of the Dolls. We wanted to capture the mysterious power that is palpable when girls get together to passionately create. All styling and set creative direction was done by the models.

Mysterious, powerful in expression and beautifully nostalgic is this great, analogue photo-series captured by Berny Regalado of Ambo Creative.

looki_22-kopie-kopie img_20170116_0006 img_20170116_0004 looki_13-kopie-kopie looki_12-kopie-kopie img_20170116_0008 looki_07-kopie-kopie lookii_12-kopie-kopie-copy lookii_18-kopie-kopie-copy img_20170116_0007-kopie lookii_19-kopie-kopie lookii_01-kopie-kopie-copy img_20170116_0003 img_20170116_0009 lookii_03-kopie-kopie-copy lookiii_13-kopie-copy lookiii_12-kopie-kopielookii_04-kopie-kopie-copy


Photography: Ambo Creative (Berny Regalado) ☆ IG: @ambocreative

Models: Sarah Preston, Julianna Himet & Carolina Luna

Thank you!

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