Agatha Wong Kei Ying – We’re Spending So Much Time…


Agatha Wong Kei Ying is a student of communication design based in Hong Kong. She is passionate in taking analogue photos which is expressed in her submitted selection of photographs she took of her friends really great. Her pictures appear careless and free, authentic and vivid.

Moreover, Agatha wrote along to her series:

“Mostly I take photos of my girl-gang and our activities. 

We are university friends and one of the girls- fat dog, we have known each other since we were 7. 

This is the last semester of our university life hopefully (if we don’t have to retake due to being recklessly hedonistic), I hope our fun together never ends.”

dirty-suspect_fatdogmandy gf_mandychiufatdog-kopie digital-girls_fatdogreilaraining-club_suzechanmandychiu-kopie chiu_mandychiumaggie-kopie planting-club_fatdog-kopie hahahahahahah_fatdognatalieleung-kopie sun_maggiepoonmandychiu eh_reila-kopie group-selfie_mandychiumereila-kopie suze_suzefatdogmandychiureilatang-kopie cell-life_memandy miss-your-chin-rei_reilafatdog-kopie _mefatdogmandychiu cider_fatdogcider-kopie midnight-shopping-with-man_mandychiu flat-like-netherlands_32387650695_o-kopie uppers-and-downers_fatdogmandychiu new-friends_31518122193_o-kopie new-friends-dead_fatdog-kopie xxx-_suzechanmandychiu-kopie


Photography: Agatha Wong Kei Ying

Models: Fat dog, Mandy Chiu, Reila Tang, Suze Chan, Natalie Leung, Pang Yung, Maggie Poon, Sori & Tina

Thank you!

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