Magali Marrodan – Looking Glass


This is a series of pictures I took of some of my friends since I started this whole photography thing.

Magali Marrodan is a photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She likes analog photography and develops her own film rolls what she learned about six months ago and she has been taking photos since last year around April when Magali bought her first camera, a Canon A1. The photos she submitted appear wonderfully dreamy and thoughtful – like as every of the models lives in her own dreamworld and haven’t noticed that Magali artistically captured a photo.

Also Magali wrote:

“So here it is, I want to share my work, I want people to relate to it in their way, not mine. I don’t like telling people what I wanted to say or what I meant. My intentions are clear, I want to make people feel something, whatever they want or need. That’s the purest of connections and the reason art exists, right? Also, it allows me to isolate myself from the world too, which is funny. My reality is always a blur, I can never really put my finger to it, it is not something I can really explain with words because once it’s out there in a piece of paper or even in the ears of another, it’s gone. It’s like a ghost that shows itself to me whenever it pleases and only talks to me through the looking glass. That one single moment of total awareness. I think I hunt it with my pictures. I think it’s there in every shot. What it feels like to be a woman in modern times. What it feels like to be a girl trapped in the body of a woman. What it feels like to think and talk like a man only to be denied the privilege and be subjected to others people’s expectations not only on this matter but in many other boxes that are shoved to us when we are born. I want to talk about what freedom is, and where I can get it because I feel like there is no such thing, and happiness is only to be found on a quiet and lonely afternoon alone with my thoughts.”

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Photography: Magali Marrodan ☆ IG: @magalimrgrtFacebook

Models: Sofia Macari, Sofia Sosa, Zoe Gonzalez, Natalia Siccardi, Vicota Scarafia & Constanza Garbarino


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